Reception Services

Reception Direct Services

The reception is staffed 5 days a week 9am-5pm. Reception can be contacted by internal line (extension 11 or 0), or by phone on 01223 420 850 or pop down to our office for a visit anytime. We will gladly answer any questions or queries you have. We frequently liaise with the Property Manager at the Cambridge City Council and can raise any maintenance issues on your behalf.

Do also please let us know if there is anything amiss with the public spaces / tea room /toilets so that we can report them in a timely manner

Contact details:

Reception holds a file of contact details and car licence plate numbers. These are used by reception in the event of an emergency or incident. Please introduce new staff to the receptionist and ask them to provide their contact details. Staff members can pick up their afterhours access card at the same time and receive a personalised tour of the building if they wish.  A contact details form for your company is provided with this information pack. Please fill it in and return it to reception. (Download a word of the form version here)

Property Management:

Maintenance needed in public spaces or amenities can be reported through reception. Please note that your company is responsible for maintaining your own office. For all leasing enquiries or if you wish to contact the Property Manager direct, please call James Blott at Cambridge City Council on 01223 457 433

Courier Delivery and Collection:

The receptionist will sign for any courier packages delivered to the building for your company and call you on the internal line to let you know it is here.  Any packages left uncollected at the end of the day are locked inside the mail cabinet at reception. Packages can be left out at your own risk if you wish to pick them up out-of-hours.
Please do not sign for any packages unless they are for your own company. The arrival date, time and courier company are logged by reception in case of any dispute.


All visitors and contractors must report to reception to sign into the visitor’s book. The receptionist will call your office via the internal line to acknowledge the arrival of your visitor. They can wait in the reception lounge for you to come to meet them, or you can request the visitor to be sent up. If you receive visitors out-of-hours there is an internal line handset located outside the main entrance. This handset has the office extensions listed on the inside cover so your visitor can call your company. You can then come to the door to let them in. In front of the main doors to Orwell House there are three parking spaces for visitors and two parking spaces for drivers with a disability.

Incoming Mail:

The receptionist sorts the incoming post (which can arrive anywhere between 9.30am – 1pm) and will call your internal line to let you know when it’s sorted. You will find it in your labelled suspension file in the mail cabinet. This cabinet is locked at the end of the day.  There is an out-of-hours post box where any hand-delivered mail can be left. It is checked every morning and can also be opened on request.

Outgoing Mail:

Any mail with stamp already affixed should be placed in the labelled out-tray at reception. Reception can also frank your mail. See Extra Services below. The Royal Mail driver collects at approx. 4:45pm each business day.

Main Doors and Opening Times:

The receptionist unlocks the main doors at 9am and locks them again at 5pm. Out-of-hours access cards can be issued by the receptionist. Lost cards incur a £3 replacement fee.

Franking Service:

Reception offers the convenience of a full franking service, sending first and second class mail, recorded delivery mail, special delivery and airmail. All mail is sent first class unless otherwise requested.
Your company would be charged at franking prices plus 15% service fee. This rate keeps the cost below or equivalent to using stamps.  Please bring your mail for franking by 4:00pm to give the receptionist time to process it before the outgoing collection at 4:45pm. Bulk mailing should usually be brought earlier to ensure your mail makes the post that day. You will be issued a tracking number for any post sent special or recorded delivery so that you can track it online to ensure it has arrived safely and on time.
Note: We do not currently keep envelopes or packaging.

Mailing Address Service:

Orwell House Reception runs a mail address (holding or forwarding) service for small business’ and ex- tenants. Upon vacating your tenancy, the holding service is provided to your company free of charge for three months while you transition to your new premises. Forward mail will be charged for postage.

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